Personal contact and close cooperation with sales partners and customers are very important to us. This enables us to successfully develop our products and create individual, tailor-made solutions that generate the greatest possible benefit for the end user in the company.

What our customers say

“PHONiUM GmbH, as a dedicated provider for business communications, acts as an interface between telecommunication companies, network operators, and service providers. Our employees always need to react quickly and repair the failures as the on-call service in a non-stop mode. Since the change from ISDN to IP telephony, the D-channel, which was often used for maintenance in the telephone systems, is no longer available.

To access our clients’ communication systems securely and cost efficiently, we opted for using ViPNet VPN. Our technical specialists can maintain clients’ systems on the go using a tablet and a secured VPN connection. An end-to-end-encrypted VPN channel can be established in a few minutes without any changes in the client's network infrastructure. What’s more, ViPNet Technology with its software components offers a certified security standard based on highly secure symmetrical key management.”

Thomas Posadzy, Director of Engineering at PHONiUM GmbH

“ViPNet Technology meets all our essential requirements, , such as maximum protection of our data with extremely strong encryption. What's more, ViPNet enables the communication protection on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This was another point in favor of choosing ViPNet technology. We engaged different departments and business units to participate very early in the pilot phase, especially in testing the VPN clients and providing user feedback. A fast and easy application of configuration changes ensured the rapid growth of user acceptance. We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent and efficient support. Even when we had to adapt to the requirements for new factors, the Infotecs team was able to provide us with an individual solution quickly.”

Thomas van Helt, Network/ Security Manager at Cooperative Baden-Württemberg (BWGV)

“Weneeded a secure encrypted connection between our lawyers and the central document management system. With ViPNet VPN our client was able to build a more efficient communication system for its employees. Patent lawyers now have a stable and secure connection at any location, whether they are connected at a hotel over a WLAN, at a client’s location over a 3G/4G network or in the office via the internal network. Our lawyers are now guaranteed to quickly react to different clients’ requirements.”

Martin Runge, CEO at it-visual GmbH

“In the travel industry, client satisfaction is the top priority. It is crucial to be able to securely access our clients’ data at any time and from anywhere. As we offer travel options around the world, our clients often contact us outside regular office hours. In this case, we provide client support from home. For this purpose, we need to access the data of our travelers, like hotel and flight bookings, in our CRM system securely from anywhere, to solve clients’ problems quickly and reliably.

We decided to use ViPNet VPN by Infotecs as our encrypted solution because it offers end-to-end encryption without the need to install additional hardware. With the key management technology used in the solution we can instantly establish an encrypted connection from our laptops or tablets without having to exchange keys over the internet. The elimination of previously complex and time consuming logging in procedures when we lost connections iswhat convinced us to choose ViPNet.”

Christian Brokmann, CEO at Travel-A

“With the 24x7 remote service that we offer to our clients (medical practices, ambulances, and other medical institutions), we can reduce the IT downtime to a minimum increasing the efficiency of our operating processes. High IT availability also increases employee satisfaction as additional time consuming manual processing is no longer necessary.“

Klaus Erler, CEO at HMDS – Human Medical Data Service