Personal contact and close cooperation with sales partners and customers are very important to us. This enables us to successfully develop our products and create individual, tailor-made solutions that generate the greatest possible benefit for the end user in the company.

What our customers say

“We support clients in the water and wastewater industries, flood protection, plant engineering and machine construction, agriculture and climate systems in the planning and operation of electrotechnical systems. With the ViPNet technology, we can now monitor and program systems installed at clients’ locations using special SPS machine control modules via remote access. We are saving time and travel costs that we otherwise would have incurred to ensure that systems were monitored appropriately.

ViPNet establishes a secure encrypted VPN connection for us, and our systems are reliably protected against unauthorized access.”

Christian Breins, Breins Elektrotechnik GmbH

“RATEC is an international technology and service provider for engineering, conveyor, and suction systems. Both our clients and our employees are located worldwide, and direct communication at a specific location is not always possible.

To be able to guarantee the required security for exchanging the corporate and contract data, we are using the ViPNet security solution by Infotecs. We find it especially convenienthow well ViPNet can be scaled seamlessly and quickly for more VPN clients and that mobile end devices can be integrated into the corporate network.“

Martin Ober, RATEC Rationalisierungstechnik & Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

“We ensure the quality and availability of our clients’ technical systems and equipment. IT security and data protection of the machine and corporate data of our customers is our top priority andwe need access in real time locally or on mobile computers,.

With ViPNet VPN, our field employees can easily establish secure and stable point-to-point connections. We’ve opted for the VPN solution by Infotecs GmbH because it is considered extremely secure due to its symmetrical key management.“

Stefan Seip, CEO at Stieler & Seip Sachverständige GmbH

“Our client register flora and fauna changes using a measurement station. Measured values are transferred with the help of ViPNet VPN encryption technology by Infotecs via an LTE network. According to Mr. Flaig, Dep. Director of the Biological Station Rhein-Berg, users recorded a 300% performance increase in the measurement data transfer. And this happened despite the additional secure data encryption that prevents modifications in the measured values.

This VPN technology, based just on software modules, is very easy to install, works robustly, and enables a very stable connection in LTE networks due to its sophisticated symmetrical key management technology, although no static IP address allocation is provided.“

Gregor Stratmann, CEO at Stratmann IT-Service

“PanTrac GmbH has been using ViPNet VPN with great success for many years. Our field employees access the terminal server via Remote Desktop. The software was installed without any issues. The software operation is clearly structured and it runs in the background, invisible for the end users.”

Oskar Heise, IT Administrator at PanTrac GmbH