Comprehensive Protection for Your IT infrastructure

The ViPNet security platform offers a modular and cost efficient solution that provides complete security while addressing all business requirements. The Infotecs product portfolio covers the following fields in cybersecurity: network security, protection of industrial control systems (ICS), SCADA security, mobile security for iOS and Android, secure unified communications, secure collaboration, and cloud security for the Internet of Things (IoT). We’ve developed our holistic IT security solutions to equip our customers today with the products and services they need to meet the security requirements of the future.

ViPNet is the only technology that supports true point-to-point security based on symmetric key cryptography providing high military grade security. Our encryption solution is scalable, flexible, and easy to integrate into an existing network infrastructure without changing existing setups. This offers high return on investment protection for our customers. What's more, ViPNet supports network segmentation, so that our customers can reach a perfect balance between complete security, high performance, low complexity, and maximum return on investment. Our unique military grade point-to-point encryption technology is certified according to the highest recognized international standards.

Infotecs sescurity platform diagram


  • Complete IT security in a cost efficient solution
  • Military grade encryption certified according to international standards
  • Scalable and flexible central management modules
  • Easy implementation and maintenance
  • Seamless integration into existing networks