Method for increasing performance in encapsulation of TCP/IP packets into HTTP in network communication system

The disclosure relates to methods of transmitting data over TCP/IP through HTTP. The method includes establishing a connection between a client and a server through at least two proxies; generating a tunnel message in the client; sending the tunnel message to the server; choosing a delay value T based on a maximum transmission rate of the tunnel message; and determining a size Q of a dummy data packet by .times..times. ##EQU00001## where MSS.sub.i is a maximum segment size in TCP connections between the i-th proxy and the (i+1)-th proxy, and N is the number of proxies. The method also includes sending, from the client, a dummy data packet of size Q in T seconds after the last transmission of non-dummy data via the HTTP tunnel; receiving the tunnel message by the server; and disabling usage of Nagle's algorithm and TCP delayed acknowledgement algorithm for the TCP connection in the client and server.