Hannover Messe 2019 Overview: Secure Remote Predictive/Preventive Maintenance Access to Industrial Systems Worldwide

Berlin, April 25, 2019 – Infotecs, the cybersecurity and threat intelligence expert, has been presenting its ViPNet Coordinator for MICA security solution from April 01 to April 05, 2019 at the HANNOVER MESSE fair. Production facilities and industrial infrastructures are among common targets of cyberattacks. That's why these sensible systems need to be protected against cybercriminals.

Many critical infrastructures include industrial process control and automation systems, which are particularly hard to protect due to their complexity. Historically, industrial controls have not been developed with the IT security in mind. To solve this issue, Infotecs presents its encryption solution for industrial systems based on the MICA platform by HARTING Technology Group. With the military-grade software-defined VPN technology, the security experts at Infotecs could protect the entire data exchange process, which makes unauthorized listening to or manipulation of the data traffic impossible.

Infotecs has complemented the status control of the industrial systems with its security solution that protects the communications with ViPNet Coordinator for MICA. The data transfer is securely encrypted and monitored. It allows a third-party maintenance specialist to gain protected access to the production systems and machines and securely read the data from various IIoT sensors. What's more, the solution also supports encrypted visual access, for example, with video cameras.

”Operators of critical infrastructures (CNI) have to comply with various legal security requirements to protect their IT systems and components from criminal attacks. They are a lucrative target for hackers”, says Josef Waclaw, CEO of Infotecs GmbH. “Our ViPNet software ensures encryption and secure transfer of industrial systems' data to the target recipient, which is also protected. Thus, cybercriminals are unable to access or manipulate machine data.”

With over 6,500 international participants and over 215,000 visitors yearly, the HANNOVER MESSE fair is considered the world's leading fair in the industry. Six leading events - Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives, Digital Factory, Integrated Energy, Industrial Supply, Research & Technology and ComVac - cover all the topics of industrial value chains in one place: from research and development, industrial automation and IT, including supply, production technologies, and services, to energy and mobility technologies. Infotecs presented its security solutions in hall 11, stand C15 of HARTING.


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