Infotecs invites everyone to follow the "Signs & Symbols" with a new book by Jan Neva and Dmitry Sokolenko

Helsinki, October 08, 2015 – Infotecs announces a release of a new book by Dmitry Sokolenko and Jan Neva, which will officially be introduced and launched on the presentation in University of Helsinki, Tuesday, October 20, at 5:00 - 7:30pm. Dmitry Sokolenko, co-author of the book, is not just an amazing artist, but also a very unique person, which is the reason why his artworks truly stand out. Dmitry holds a degree in microbiology, specializing as a bio-technical engineer, and is famous for taking abstract art to another level. The viewer is introduced to Dmitry Sokolenko’s artworks through a set of visual signs, not created from an artist’s emotive approach, but rather a scientific one. The new book "Signs & Symbols" compiles the latest works of Dmitry and his co-author Jan has raised genuine interest among experts. Cover of the new book Signs and Symbols from Jan Neva and Dmitry Sokolenko.

Cover of the new book Signs and Symbols from Jan Neva and Dmitry SokolenkoDmitry has a long-standing fascination with the works of Vladimir Nabokov and his studies into entomology and especially the study of butterfly wings. Sokolenko’s reading and interpretation of visual signage is pragmatic, investigative and inquisitive. Nabokov’s research has left him with a wealth of opportunity to converse through the language of visual semantics. The results are startling tropes and images from the ‘real’, excavated from the post mortem of mechanical reproduction, but which to some may broadcast as specters of the imagined. 

“The guardian angel of the book is St. Augustine and the book can be exchanged for coffee beans, pieces of cheese and whiskey. But only Japanese whiskey,” jokes Dmitry Sokolenko, the co-author of a new book. In reality, the book "Signs & Symbols" is already available and can be ordered online. 

Publication of the book has been sponsored by Infotecs, a leading security platform provider. “The mission of industry leading vendors is not just to drive innovation, but to raise the quality and standard of living in all comprehensible ways,” says Andrey Chapchaev, CEO of Infotecs. “Sponsoring and supporting the arts is one of the noble ways to achieve this target.”


For more information about Dmitry Sokolenko and his artworks, please contact the gallery: www.sternarts.com.

You can also check Dmitry Sokolenko on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Dmitry-Sokolenko-447369645395246/timeline/