Looking back on Infosecurity Europe in London

At the international IT security exhibition Infosecurity Europe held on June 5-7, 2018 in London, Infotecs, together with the drone manufacturer www.lech-tec.de, put forward security solutions for the operation of drones. The two companies demonstrated together how live video from a drone can be securely transmitted over a mobile network.

“If we think of drones and their sensors as network or sub-network components, then it becomes clear what an important role the information security plays in the operation of drones,“ explains Mr. Uli Barth, CEO of www.lech-tec.de. “Our approach to meeting the future requirements in the field of UAVs is to use the tried-and-tested encryption technology developed by Infotecs and implementing it in the entire drone system.”

“Using drones for fact-finding and investigation missions offers numerous benefits for the security services and special forces because, first of all, it saves time and money. Moreover, it provides insights into the areas that could not be accessed before,” adds Mr. Josef Waclaw, CEO of Infotecs GmbH. “Especially as far as the investigation of attacks and other dangerous situations is concerned, it must be ensured that only the appropriate authorized parties have access to the videos recorded by drones.“

These high IT security requirements can be fulfilled with the military-grade software-defined ViPNet security technology developed by Infotecs. With ViPNet, the video data recorded by drones can be encrypted end to end and securely transmitted in real time over a mobile network.

With over 400 international exhibitors and over 19,500 professional visitors, Infosecurity Europe is considered the region's number one information security event and offers a comprehensive conference program. All currently relevant IT security issues were covered at the conference, including physical & IoT security, cloud security, data protection, risk & compliance management, as well as threat intelligence.