SPS IPC Drives 2018 Overview: Secure Remote Predictive/Preventive Maintenance Access to Industrial Systems Worldwide

Encryption experts from Infotecs together with HARTING Technology Group presented their security solutions on November 27–29, 2018 at the leading European digital automation exhibition, SPS IPC Drives, in Nuremberg.

Infotecs presented as its highlight a showcase on encrypted data transfer in industrial systems. The security experts developed a security gateway on the basis of Edge Computing System MICA® by HARTING. The MICA Container with integrated ViPNet VPN technology enables secure remote access to the machine data, for example from a smartphone or a tablet, for both maintenance access and machine sensor data transfer in a SCADA system. It allows an external maintenance specialist to gain a protected access to production systems and machines and securely read the data from temperature and pressure sensors, a gyroscope, magnetometer, or an acceleration sensor. What's more, it also enables secure visual access, for example, to video cameras that are used for system surveillance in production.

"With our security solution integrated in MICA, we can support industrial companies worldwide in their efforts to achieve compliance with Industry 4.0 and automation, like predictive/preventive maintenance," says Josef Waclaw, CEO of Infotecs GmbH. "Our ViPNet software functions as a security gateway for all other application containers in MICA. ViPNet obtains the data they produce, encrypts it, and guarantees secure data transfer to the target recipient which is also protected. Cyber criminals are unable, therefore, to access or manipulate machine data. With E-Sim technology implemented in MICA, it can connect to local mobile operators in every country automatically. Thus, an end-to-end encrypted connection to industrial systems can be established worldwide — quickly and without extra costs."

Infotecs was happy to present its security solutions as HARTING's partner in MICA.network section at SPS IPC Drives. SPS (Smart Production Solutions) is considered a branch highlight in automation and includes the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation: from control engineering, IPC, electric drive technologies, operating and monitoring, industrial communication, software & IT in manufacturing, to interface technologies, mechanical infrastructure and sensors.