Video surveillance drones for special / security forces and plant security in Potsdam

Encrypted live data transfer of videos recorded by a droneLast week, on April 10-11, 2018, Infotecs security experts presented their IT security solutions for drones at the Congress of Association of Safety Engineering in Potsdam. At the congress, Infotecs demonstrated its solution for the encrypted live data transfer of videos recorded by a drone.

Usage of drones grows rapidly; it has become a common practice to utilize drones in the civil security and monitoring systems. This is mostly due to the innovative drone technology that keeps creating more and more functions and potential application areas for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Together with the www.lech-tec.de drone manufacturer, at a joint stand of Brandenburg IT network SIBB region, Infotecs showed how the recorded video data can be securely transferred end-to-end in real time via a mobile data network.

"Protecting the transferred video data recorded by drones is essential primarily for security and surveillance, as well as for critical infrastructures", says Uli Barth, CEO of www.lech-tec.de. "For us as a drone manufacturer, cooperation with the Infotecs security experts means, first of all, the competence of their staff with regard to the complex implementation of our customers’ various security requirements. With the military-grade software encryption solution, only authorized personnel can access videos recorded by drones. With the Infotecs software technology, unauthorized copying of videos via social media (e. g. Youtube) is impossible."

"Using drones for the monitoring and early detection of possible hazards or attacks provides totally new opportunities for special forces", says Josef Waclaw, CEO of Infotecs GmbH. "It’s crucial for this reconnaissance method that only authorized personnel, such as, for example, operation command center on the ground, can access the information provided by drones via an encrypted end-to-end connection. Together with our partner, Lech-tec, we are implementing completely new security requirements of our customers in our software technology.“

The Congress of Association of Safety Engineering takes place yearly in spring, this year with the motto: "With security to the future: developing resilience – preventing crises“. Along with the IoT trends and drones, the experts spoke about access control, perimeter surveillance, protection of critical infrastructures, and risk management systems. Since 1994, the Congress of Association of Safety Engineering together with its members has been developing practical and affordable security solutions for the existing problems in highly sensitive areas.