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GDPR Compliant Messaging App

With the advent of GDPR many businesses have understood that their preferred mobile messaging app may not be compliant and they may need to stop using it or potentially face serious fines and financial penalties.

Since some popular messaging apps send every single address book entry of their users over to their servers located in the US it means that data from people who never wanted nor intended to use the messenger app will find their way to the messaging app’s servers. This doesn’t comply with GDPR use of personal data.

How can businesses and organizations both large and small take advantage of convenient and effective messaging, chat and VoIP calling while remaining GDPR compliant?

That is where ViPNet Connect comes in.

ViPNet Connect was designed from the outset to be a secure communications app.  It uses military grade point-to-point encryption, which is impervious to man-in-the-middle attacks.

It seamlessly combines GDPR compliant secure VoIP, Chat, Group Chat and Text  in one easy to use app.  Moreover, it is multi-platform letting you move from your mobile to your tablet or your desktop for maximum convenience and productivity. In addition, ViPNet Connect can be deployed with accompanying ViPNet Mobile and Network security components to protect all traffic within a broader network not just data, which goes through the messaging application itself. 

In order to be on the right side of GDPR compliance with respect to your chosen messaging app you should look for messaging applications that protect personal data from unauthorized access, use, copying, processing and storage.  Moreover, you should use the strongest encryption available.

ViPNet Connect answers all of these concerns to give you a GDPR compliant messaging App with the strongest available encryption combined with maximum convenience, functionality and usability.   

Frequently asked questions: 

Can ViPNet Connect meet the EU Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) requirements for separating business from private data?
Yes.  Communication through ViPNet Connect occurs solely within the company's internal virtual private network infrastructure and provides a self-contained, secure environment. 

Does ViPNet Connect’s messaging function provide companies with complete transparency on how personal data is used, processed and stored?
Yes.  ViPNet Connect ensures that personal data is used and stored only within your own company and internal network infrastructure. No data is stored or processed on external servers which may be in another country outside the European Union. 

Does ViPNet Connect access a user's address book?
No.  ViPNet Connect communicates between devices on a network. It does not use address book information such as mobile phone numbers or contact names and, therefore, does not access any “standard” contacts on a device such as a user’s address book.

Can any IM app installed on the device access ViPNet Connect's (contact) data?
No.  ViPNet Connect does not use standard address books on the device, and ViPNet Connect uses data within its own separate and secure area.

Is there adequate protection of the connection between two communication partners?
Yes. ViPNet Connect always uses end-to-end encryption.  The data between two users is not decrypted on the communication servers but is decrypted locally on the device itself.

Will the metadata be analyzed?
No.  ViPNet Connect does not collect or analyze metadata. 

Is it possible to pseudonymize the personal data as much as possible?
Yes.  ViPNet technology enables central management of users, where, user data can be pseudonymised if required.

Is there a possibility for the complete deletion of users and all related personal data?
Yes.  ViPNet Connect’s central management system enables you to completely delete users and all their related personal data.