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Infotecs announces the new version of ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi for Raspberry Pi

28, October 2021, Berlin — Infotecs, a leading cybersecurity and threat intelligence platform provider, announces the release of ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi 4.11.0, a security gateway for running on the Raspberry Pi platform. 

With the solution, you can use the credit card sized minicomputer as a fully functional VPN gateway with a firewall. ViPNet technology combined with Raspberry Pi is an efficient and promising solution for many application areas, especially for the Internet of Things (IoT).

What`s new in ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi 4.11.0:

- Support for Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM

New ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi version supports Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 8 GB RAM.

- HTTPS connection via Web Access

Now you can connect to ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi via Web Access over HTTPS using a self signed certificate or a certificate issued in Certification Authority.

- Checking the connectivity via Web Access

Now you can check connection to a specific IP address.

- Selecting the access address type

A ViPNet host can be accessed by its real or a virtual IP address. Now you can select the access address type for hosts linked with your coordinator and for tunneled hosts.

- Configuring the local tunneling

Now for each coordinator linked with your ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi you can turn on/off the tunneling of IP addresses of Coordinator's local subnet.

- Configuring the IP packet log via Web Access

By default, the IP packet log contains only entries about the blocked packets and changes in the hosts' addresses. Previously to log all the packets, you had to edit the iplir.conf file. Now you can make the relevant settings via Web Access.

- Cleaning up the ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi logs

Now you can clean up the ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi logs:

  • The IP packet log

  • The MFTP log

  • The system log

You also can configure your ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi to clean up the logs regularly.

- MFTP Transport Module no longer supports the SMTP/POP3 channel

The SMTP/POP3 channel transfers envelopes through mail servers and has low performance as compared to MFTP channel. Therefore, ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi no longer supports this channel. If the SMTP/POP3 channel has not been specified in the MFTP module settings or in the mftp.conf file, then, upon the software update, this channel changes to the MFTP channel. 

All Infotecs GmbH products and solutions are based on ViPNet proprietary technology with AES-256 encryption and symmetric key management, which is impervious to man-in-the-middle attacks. ViPNet technology protects the data transmission channel and prevents unauthorized access to mobile devices.