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Infotecs is a founding member of Innovation Cluster 5G Berlin e.V.

Berlin, November 12, 2018 – Infotecs, the international vendor of cyber security and threat intelligence solutions, became a founding member of the Innovation Cluster 5G Berlin e.V. and is actively contributing to the digitalization in the German capital and testing various 5G technologies.

"The introduction of the 5G technology promotes the emergence of completely new business areas, which form the basis for such services as the autonomous driving or implementing the M2M communication with a very short latency period in production. Protecting these services from cyber-attacks is a new challenge for us as security software developers", says Josef Waclaw, CEO of Infotecs GmbH. "We're happy to work together with the Innovation Cluster 5G and shape this thrilling future topic, as well as bring up our ideas in the IT security."

Innovation Cluster 5G BERLIN founding partners from business and research areas

Partners from business and research areas have created Innovation Cluster 5G BERLIN e.V. in September. The goal of the association is to promote innovations in 5G key technologies for urban use cases. The 5G BERLIN Initiative promotes the digitalization in the German capital and increases the international vibrancy of the city. A test environment has been built to carry out common research projects, test various 5G technologies and develop new applications. In addition, an information network is being created as a basis for new partnerships and support for knowledge transfer. Thus, the Innovation Cluster 5G BERLIN is a regional and transregional networking platform for startups, medium businesses, research institutes, universities, large companies, and public authorities.

5G test field for urban use cases

A 5G test field is established in Berlin and used for testing 5G key technologies for urban use cases under the real-life conditions. The infrastructure includes 5G macro cells combined with smaller data transfer cells for local, broadband, and highly responsive communication connections. For example, to ensure very high data rates, streetlights are provided with the 5G equipment (millimeter wave technology) and arranged in a network. The 5G test field components are deployed by the partners and then improved in the complete system. The 5G test field includes all the relevant technological components of a 5G network and will contribute to the innovation development in Berlin.

Strong partnerships

The following companies are listed among the founding members: Atesio, EANTC, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, GasLINE, Highstreet Technologies, HyperMesh, Infotecs, MicroNova. Today, companies from such segments as passenger transportation, chip manufacturing, network supply and operation, as well as innovative startups and major associations have already expressed their interest in participating in the Innovation Cluster 5G BERLIN.


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