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Infotecs launches the new version of ViPNet Coordinator VA

Berlin, July 22, 2021 — Infotecs, leading cybersecurity and threat intelligence platform provider, announces the release of ViPNet Coordinator VA 4.4.2, a versatile security gateway for deploying on virtualization and cloud platforms.

ViPNet Coordinator VA provides secure access to virtualized data centers in a dynamic cloud environment, protecting against network attacks and unauthorized access. The virtual appliance seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructures and can be deployed on a variety of virtualization platforms. It meets even the most demanding requirements in terms of functionality, usability, reliability, and fault tolerance.


What`s new in ViPNet Coordinator VA 4.4.2:

  • Support for Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). Now you can deploy ViPNet Coordinator VA on KVM platforms.
  • New Web Access design. Web Access has a new design with an improved layout and navigation.
  • Support for modern high-speed network adapters. Now, when deployed in Microsoft Hyper-V, ViPNet Coordinator VA supports Network Adapter (instead of Legacy adapter) with rate up to 10 Gbps.
  • Exporting the IP packet log and transferring in the CEF format. Now you can export the IP packet log in the CEF format to a remote server.
  • External ICAP Support. ViPNet Coordinator VA no longer supports the built-in antivirus for the proxy server. Now you can connect an external anti-virus over ICAP.
  • Configuring the application-layer gateway (ALG) module responsible for the application protocol processing. In earlier versions, you only could configure the ALG module in CLI. Now you can configure it via Web Access as well, in the Application-Layer Gateway section.
  • Scheduled restart. In earlier versions, you only could restart ViPNet Coordinator VA immediately. Now, in Web Access, you can configure coordinator to restart on schedule.
  • Displaying log size at log export. When exporting the log, ViPNet Coordinator VA packs the system log to the logs.tar.gz file.
  • Changing the keyboard layout. New version allows you to change the keyboard layout (DE/EN) by pressing Alt+Shift.
  • Improving performance and stability. Improved performance and stability of the device when encrypting (VPN) and filtering traffic (firewall)

ViPNet Coordinator VA operates as a VPN gateway in IP networks protected by the ViPNet technology. A ViPNet network is a virtual private network deployed on top of local or global networks of any topology. The ViPNet technology ensures encrypted “client-to-client” communication between ViPNet hosts, a feature that is absent in many common VPN solutions.