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Infotecs Announces a Technical Release of ViPNet Client for iOS 9

New York, September 30, 2015 – Infotecs, a leading international security software and solutions provider, today announced it has launched a technical release of ViPNet Client for iOS, security app that protects Apple mobile devices and provides secure remote access to corporate resources. ViPNet Client for iOS is compatible with iOS 9. Official release is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015.


Information security is imperative for today’s organizations, due in part to explosive growth in mobile computing, remote working, and trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Attacks on and vulnerabilities in mobile devices are continually on the increase. More and more organizations report security breaches on smartphones or tablet devices. Taking this into account and due to the popularity of Apple devices, Infotecs has developed its ViPNet Client for iOS as a part of the ViPNet Mobile Security Suite, which provides reliable and secure access to corporate resources from iPhones and iPads.

Infotecs’s Peer-to-Peer approach makes secure mobile communication attainable, providing continuous connectivity, true mobility and portability. The ViPNet Mobile Security Suite supports stable roaming, fast processing speeds and high throughput while minimizing disruptions and eliminating data loss. With this solution enterprises can achieve additional productivity benefits through secure communication and collaboration. The ViPNet Mobile Security Suite is now compatible with both leading smartphone operating systems Android and iOS. The ViPNet Mobile Security Suite is a ubiquitous security solution for organizations who want to protect their mobile employees.

“Our ViPNet Mobile Security Suite is already compatible with the Android platform,” says Andrey Chapchaev, CEO of Infotecs. “Now we’ve passed another milestone: we have developed a version of ViPNet Client for iOS timed to the launch of iOS 9. We have scheduled the release for late 2015, as soon as the beta testing period is completed.”

For more information about the ViPNet Mobile Security Suite please visit our website at www.infotecs.us/solutions/mobile.php.

About Infotecs

A pioneer of software-based VPN solutions since 1991, Infotecs developed its Peer-to-Peer ViPNet technology to deliver greater security, flexibility, and throughput than IPSec and other standards-based VPN products. ViPNet is the only VPN solution that supports true endpoint to endpoint security. More than 1,000,000 clients, offices, and servers have been securely connected with ViPNet products, backed up by an unparalleled world-class support, development, and technical team. Our solutions are designed to solve the toughest security challenges by providing superior protection that is flexible and effective. Additional information on the company is available at: www.infotecs.us.


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