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Infotecs experts explained how technology helps to mitigate Covid-19 risks

New York, February 9, 2021 — Infotecs, a leading international cybersecurity and threat intelligence platform provider, participated at the final panel discussion “Insights: German Tech and Covid-19” of The German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GACC NY).

Josef Waclaw, CEO Infotecs GmbH, presented the company Infotecs and their ViPNet solution for secure remote working. He explained how technology helps to cope with the negative impact of the Covid crisis and why companies should provide secure connections to corporate resources.  

“ViPNet software based solutions are particularly well suited for helping companies meet this challenge”, says Josef Waclaw. “Whether you need to provide secure remote access to email, corporate systems, video conferences, voice calls or Cloud resources without changing your network structure, ViPNet’s superior security by design can help you provide highly secure remote access that is quick and easy to deploy, manage and maintain.”

In November 2020 Infotecs became a member of The German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. The company received the status of Valued Member and has been included in the new Digital National Membership.

This member exclusive directory is an important resource in the German/American community and includes information about all members of GACC NY from over fifty industries, GACC South, GACC Midwest and their respective chapter offices across the US. This allows companies to establish mutually beneficial contacts with leaders of the European industry and, despite the difficulties associated with the pandemic, to develop mutually beneficial businesses.

The Infotecs team appreciates this great opportunity to participate in GACC NY events and looks forward to more future cooperation.