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New version of ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi is now available

Berlin, May 27, 2021 — Infotecs GmbH, a leading international cybersecurity and threat intelligence platform provider announces the release of ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi 4.10.0.

ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi is a secure encryption solution running on a Raspberry Pi platform. The Infotecs' solution consists of a hardened Linux-based operating system and a ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi software. The credit card-sized mini-computer based on ViPNet technology can be used as a fully-functional VPN gateway with a firewall.

ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi 4.10.0 new features:

  • Support for external USB Wi-Fi adapters. Attach an external Wi-Fi adapter to a USB port of your ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi and add a second Wi-Fi interface to the hardware platform.
  • Color indication of the ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi status. ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi can indicate its status using LEDs on the side panel.
  • Configuring the application-layer gateway (ALG) module responsible for the application protocol processing. In earlier versions, you only could configure the ALG module in CLI. Now you can configure it via web access as well, in the Application-Layer Gateway section.
  • Scheduled restart. Configure ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi to restart on schedule via web access.
  • Adjusting screen resolution. Version 4.10 allows you to adjust screen resolution. Due to this feature, you can use displays with no support for 1920 x 1080, 60 Hz.
  • Changing the keyboard layout. The new version allows you to change the keyboard layout by pressing Alt+Shift. ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi supports two layouts: English (default) and German. You can change the keyboard layout at any time: at keys and host links setup, at logon, in CLI.
  • Support for Huawei E3372h-320. ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi 4.10.0 supports the new revision of the Huawei E3372 modem.
  • Improved support for Huawei E3372h-153. ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi recognizes Huawei E3372h-153 as cdcEthernet (Hilink).

All Infotecs GmbH products and solutions are based on ViPNet proprietary technology with AES-256 encryption and symmetric key management, which is impervious to man-in-the-middle attacks. ViPNet technology protects the data transmission channel and prevents unauthorized access to mobile devices.