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Remote Working From Home: Reliable Security for Uncertain Times

Due to the global coronavirus outbreak, companies have rapidly transitioned to remote working. To enable remote working and business continuity they are giving employees remote access to corporate information systems and resources. However, a remote employee’s computer is potentially a gaping hole in company cyber defenses exposing variety of vulnerabilities that are less worrisome when employees are in the office.

Firstly, remote workstations are outside the corporate controlled network and can potentially fall victim to unauthorized access. Recommendations on protecting your workstation are straightforward: use strong account passwords and install all available updates; operating system, software, and host-based data protection tools.

The second and more dangerous vulnerability is caused by sending confidential corporate information across public networks using network equipment that lacks reliable security and data protection. When employees start working remotely, security administrators and users should take it for granted that any data transmitted in this way could be intercepted. This type of attack is known as a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack. To prevent data loss from MITM attacks you should use reliable encryption between the client (a remote workstation in our case) and the server. It allows the client and the server to identify themselves by sharing a certificate, followed by establishment of an encrypted link between the user and the server for confidential data exchange. 

The third type of vulnerability that remote working creates is when employees communicate via public messengers and email services. The major risk here is that security administrators cannot control thesecommunications and the encryption features these tools use might not be trusted, which can lead to data interception. 

Stay at home and stay healthy and but also stay mindful of corporate data security while you work remotely!