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Success Story: Infotecs and KW Energie GmbH & Co. KG

Berlin, July 17, 2019 – KW Energie Gmbh & Co. KG, (“KW Energie”), an expert in block-type thermal power systems, is using ViPNet VPN, the encryption solution by Infotecs GmbH, to provide a secure remote maintenance access to smartblocks, the units of block-type thermal power systems. Infotecs is a leading vendor of cyber security and threat intelligence solutions for the enterprise sector.

KW Energie has 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing block-type thermal power systems with approximately 2500 power systems installed and in operation. Smartblocks of various modifications are used in utility companies, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings and residential houses.

KW Energie needed secure remote maintenance access to block-type thermal power systems to establish stable remote connections to the systems across various networks, such as mobile data networks with various protocols 3G/4G-LTE/Ethernet. Remote access was needed mainly for troubleshooting and maintenance, both for the company itself and for its broad partner network.

"We've opted for the cost-efficient ViPNet Software VPN Technology by Infotecs GmbH from Berlin, because it supports remote access to all kinds of industrial control systems and HMI devices without any on-site activities in the client's network infrastructure (opening ports). Our heating system partners and our technical specialists, being often on the go, can access the systems from anywhere and eliminate failures with minimum effort, without having to arrange on-site meetings with clients," says Andreas Weigel, CEO of KW Energie.

The ViPNet brand represents the strongest military grade security and highest quality, offering unique features that distinguishes ViPNet from typical VPN products developed to secure office environments, and rarely suitable for extending perimeters into industrial and operational IT environments. ViPNet’s proprietary technology, unlike IPsec and SSL/TLS, uses symmetric keys with a proprietary key management technology making the VPN more flexible, scalable and efficient than competing technologies.


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