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The new version of ViPNet Industrial Gateway is available

Berlin, April 28, 2021 — Infotecs GMbH, a leading international cybersecurity and threat intelligence platform provider announces the new release of ViPNet Coordinator IG 4.3.4:

Infotecs’ ViPNet Coordinator IG is an industrial VPN gateway, which allows you to organize secure channels in industrial systems and segment them to protection domains. ViPNet Coordinator IG offers efficient protection against network attacks and against unauthorized access by establishing secure ViPNet channels. The appliance can be easily integrated into an existing infrastructure. With ViPNet Coordinator IG, you establish secure channels in any telecommunication infrastructure, including public networks.

ViPNet Coordinator IG 4.3.4:

  • Supports 4G modem;
  • Enhanced Modbus deep packet filtering - added filtering by read and write registers in addition to existing function codes and device addresses;
  • Supports dynamic interfaces in the failover cluster - Wi-Fi interfaces and 4G modem, as well as Ethernet interfaces with dynamic IP addresses, can be used in cluster mode;
  • Modems and Wi-Fi modules may be configured differently on each of the nodes;
  • Added Routing policies and dead gateway detection (DGD) - new mechanisms distribute the network load and allow configuring of redundant Internet channels when your network accesses the Internet through multiple gateways (providers);
  • Added auto-detection of the mobile provider;
  • Improved color indication on the front panel of ViPNet Coordinator IG - added indication of cluster operation modes and wireless interfaces;
  • Added static Wi-Fi addresses for clients;
  • Added LTE and Wi-Fi signal levels indications to WebUI.

All Infotecs GmbH products and solutions are based on ViPNet technology’s proprietary encryption and symmetric key management, which is impervious to man-in-the-middle attacks. ViPNet technology protects the data transmission channel and prevents unauthorized access to mobile devices.