Secure Communications
Android, IOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux

Using public messengers for corporate communication is now a common practice. Instant messaging services are convenient and easy to use on any mobile and desktop platforms. However, using public messengers for business communications is conditioned by the trustworthiness of the software security infrastructure. One does not have to think about who controls the security infrastructure and how, when this can be done internally by the company.

ViPNet Connect is an alternative to public messengers for secure communications between corporate users with a security infrastructure you can control.

ViPNet Connect offers voice communications, text messaging and file exchange between desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. ViPNet Connect users can communicate privately using ViPNet network channels with point-to-point encryption.


  • All communications are over secure communication channels, including local network transmissions.
  • An intuitive interface makes it easy for users to get the hang of the application.
  • The ViPNet Connect address book is generated centrally and cannot be changed by the user (it is set by the ViPNet network administrator).
  • You can communicate with both users of your own ViPNet network and users of your partners' networks.
  • Point-to-point encryption

The traffic between ViPNet Connect users is direct (point-to-point encryption). There are no intermediate servers to store and decrypt data, so the information cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

As point-to-point operation does not require a central routing server, there is no need to provide a high-speed communication channel for it.

  • Chat
  • VoIP calls
  • File exchange
  • Group Chat
  • Video Call (Windows, Android, macOS)