Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Encryption

With ViPNet Coordinator for MICA®, you can reliably protect industrial communications by encrypting the data securely and controlling it — both for the MICA application container and external systems.

The modular principle of MICA allows you to implement a variety of scenarios for machine data registration and processing. With an intelligent security component by ViPNet added as an extension, MICA also ensures secure data exchange.

Use Cases

  • Secure maintenance, monitoring, and control of machine networks via global networks.
  • Cross-system networking for distributed business areas.
  • Security concepts implemented in the operation of control systems of various generations.
  • Compliance with the specific requirements for companies of the KRITIS area.
  • Reduction of overall costs for the networked systems’ operation.

Specific area of application

If the ViPNet software is the only container in MICA, the device acts as a security gateway for external objects. MICA can be successfully applied, for example, in the area of charging infrastructures for e-car users. 


  • Security gateway and applications on one device: no additional industrial-purpose security hardware required in the field.
  • Minimum impact on technical processes due to point-to-point connections: ViPNet technology guarantees direct communication between hosts and, therefore, very short response time.
  • Compared with the conventional VPN technologies, ViPNet is not limited to the client-server principle when establishing secure connections. This provides very flexible communication paths and use cases.
  • Option to use security solutions that significantly extend the VPN functionality, for example, intrusion/threat detection & prevention.
  • Reduction of the operating costs due to the optional control from the service-based cloud platform.
  • Military grade secure data-encryption technology.

The ViPNet software used as a MICA container acts as a virtual security gateway for other application containers on the same device. ViPNet intercepts, encrypts, and reliably forwards the data sent out by applications to the recipient, which is also protected. The recipient’s location on the internet is unimportant. It could be another machine in the same location or another device involved in the data processing that works in another remote network connected to the internet. All communications are always direct (peer to peer), without involving an upper level system. This principle enables numerous options for a secure vertical and horizontal data transfer in distributed and heterogeneous environments.

Modular interfaces provided for MICA allow you to use various data transfer methods: Ethernet, LTE, WiFi, etc. Thus, objects can communicate over the Internet autonomously, independently of local factors.

Driven by the cooperation with other MICA network partners, it is important to precisely define how the data traffic of application containers is monitored and routed and what data should be classified as critical, so that the correct data is transferred in encrypted form only.

  • Various MICA modifications with the necessary interfaces and preinstalled ViPNet Container as a security gateway for systems and machines.
  • Integrated data processing from sensors, field devices or processes combined into a cross-location secure virtual environment.
  • Control components for on premise operation of asecure virtual infrastructure or connections to a certified central cloud platform.
  • Advanced solutions in the Network & Industrial Security area to connect different layers in the production and automation fields.
  • Support in system planning and implementation.