Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Encryption

ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi a smart, affordable, and above all secure encryption solution for running on a Raspberry Pi platform. The single-board computer has grown into a must-have component of innovative business . The Infotecs' solution for Raspberry Pi consists of a hardened Linux-based operating system and a ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi software. In combination with Raspberry Pi, the image forms a hardware appliance. Thanks to this you can use the credit card-sized mini-computer as a fully-functional VPN gateway with a firewall based on ViPNet technology.

Use Cases

ViPNet Technology, combined with Raspberry Pi, is an efficient and promising solution for many application areas, especially for the Internet of Things (IoT).

It offers a highly secure protection against both external and internal attacks for remote monitoring systems and for industrial control systems — at a reasonable cost.

You can use the solution, for example, to protect network computer-controlled cash systems or protect VoIP, printers, building

infrastructure or IP video cameras. With ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi, you can reduce costs per location or per device / system.

Another application area is telecommunications, where ISDN is currently being replaced by the IP telephony. The so-called D channel that has been used for communication with the switch station will be discarded in the near future. Telecommunication and alarm system suppliers are facing the challenge of having to provide a secure and cost-efficient access to their systems.


  • ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi allows you to establish encrypted connections without a hand-shake. This speeds up secure communications within a VPN and makes them more reliable.
  • Simple installing firmware and configuration
  • Fully compatible with modern network services:
    • DHCP, WINS, DNS services
    • Dynamic address translation (NAT, PAT)
    • Multimedia protocols (SIP, H323, SCCP, and others)
  • Centralized key management with ViPNet Administrator, ViPNet NSMS or ViPNet Network Manager software.
  • Independent Internet connection via optional 3G/4G modem enables a whole variety of use cases

ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi offers a wide range of services used on the server or on the client side.

VPN gateway: encrypted site-to-site and client-to-site connections.

Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall: filters public traffic and VPN traffics by IP address, VPN ID and TCP-/UDP port.

VPN router:

Encrypted traffic is routed based on the ViPNet host identifiers specified in the unencrypted part of IP packets, which is protected against falsification. The routing is performed over a proprietary protocol designed for secure dynamic routing of traffic. Along with the routing, network address translation (NAT) is performed for encrypted traffic. All forward encrypted packets that are received by a coordinator are sent to other hosts with the coordinator’s IP address as their source IP address. Up to 10 devices can be tunneled by coordinator.

ViPNet Coordinator HW-RPi also has the following features:

  • Processing of application layer protocols (FTP, DNS, SIP and some other) for all traffic types (encrypted, unencrypted, and tunneled)
  • Support for the virtual local networks (VLAN IEEE 802.1Q)
  • DiffServ shaping of IP traffic to be processed
  • DHCP, DNS, and NTP server features
  • An IP packets router
  • Wi-Fi client and access point

Supported Platforms

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B