Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Encryption

ViPNet Coordinator is a software security gateway for Microsoft Windows.

Use Cases

ViPNet Coordinator, in combination with other ViPNet Network Security products, implements many data protection options:

  • Secure communication between different offices of a company (site-to-site and multi site-to-site)
  • Protected access for remote and mobile users
  • Communication with ViPNet networks of other organizations
  • Multiservice networks protection (including IP telephony and videoconferencing)
  • Differentiated data access in local networks and segmented local networks (for example, when creating a DMZ)
  • Secure controlled access to the Internet
  • Controlled access of users from public network to corporate resources and services.


  • Unlimited number of concurrent connections
    established through the ViPNet Coordinator
    for Windows security gateway
  • Support of modern multiservice data networks and full compatibility with:
    • DHCP, WINS, and DNS services
    • Dynamic address translation (NAT, PAT)
    • Multimedia protocols (SIP, H323, SCCP and others)
  • The ViPNet Administrator software suite as the encryption key generation center
  • Improved reliability of the coordinator if deployed as a failover cluster (in the Linux version). 

A server in a ViPNet protected network

  • ViPNet VPN gateway: providing encryption and authenticating the encrypted packets
  • IP address server: informing ViPNet hosts about access parameters of other hosts
  • VPN packet router: routing and integrity check of encrypted IP packets sent between private network segments
  • Traffic masking due to encapsulating the traffic to UDP and TCP

Traffic filtering (firewall)

  • A stateful firewall with application protocol inspection. Separate traffic filtering rules for unencrypted and encrypted IP traffic
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Secure Internet Access (ensuring that the computers of the corporate LAN have secure access to the Internet)
  • Proxy server.

Service functions

  • Failover cluster: failsafe coordinator in the ViPNet Failover configuration (in the Linux version).

Configuration and Management

  • Remote configuration of ViPNet Coordinator via ViPNet Administrator or web interface. To configure ViPNet Coordinator for Linux, you can also use the Linux console or web interface
  • Remote update of the ViPNet Coordinator software via ViPNet Administrator
  • Local configuration via the graphical user interface (in the Windows version) or console (in the Linux version)