Management Systems, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Encryption

ViPNet Prime is a security management platform to manage ViPNet products in an all-in-one scalable appliance.

Delivering simplicity and consolidation, ViPNet Prime aims to relieve the IT administrator’s daily effort and increases convenience for service providers.  

ViPNet Prime facilitates ViPNet security products deployment,  management, key generation, and delivery and license management.

ViPNet Prime provides easy-to-use tools for multiple host monitoring and asset management and automates routine tasks, such as software updates and security policies configuration.

How it works

ViPNet Prime is a modular platform with a management core providing a consolidated information area and interoperability for functional modules.

Use Cases

• Ready-to-use security service provider platform;
• ViPNet security infrastructure management platform.;


  • User-friendly administrative web console;
  • Multitenant SaaS ready platform;
  • Consolidated information area with advanced role access management;
  • Centralized authentication service;
  • Unified policy management;
  • Centralized asset discovery and monitoring;
  • Easy-to-use billing and license management systems;
  • User account imports from AD and external sources.

ViPNet Prime features are:
  • Maintaining ViPNet VPN topology, hosts, users and connections;
  • Generating and managing secret keys;
  • Automated ViPNet software update;
  • Easy security policies management;
  • Network monitoring and critical events alerting;
  • ViPNet products license management;
  • Billing reports creation;

ViPNet Prime supports the following modules:
  • ViPNet VPN:
    • ViPNet virtual private network structure creation and management for hosts, users and links;
    • Establishing corporate connections with a secure VPN channel between networks;
    • Establishing secure access ViPNet VPN objects for trusted organizations;
    • Secret key generation and distribution.
  • ViPNet Rollout Center:
    • Quick deployment of ViPNet VPN devices in large distributed networks including mobile devices;
    • Activation ViPNet Client via email and SMS.
  • ViPNet Network Visibility System:
    • ViPNet network monitoring;
    • ViPNet network device activity details and summary;
    • ViPNet network important events alerts.
  • ViPNet Policy Manager Module:
    • Creating security policy rules;
    • Applying security policies either to specific hosts, host groups or entire network;
    • Controlling policies distribution and applying to ViPNet hosts. 

System Requirements
Operating system: 
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or 20.04 LTS 
Minimum hardware requirements: 
  • CPU (cores): at least 4 
  • RAM: at least 8 GB 
  • Free disk space: at least 40 GB