ViPNet xFirewall is a security gateway that combines firewall features with traffic analysis and filtering. ViPNet xFirewall is deployed at the network edge to detect and eliminate solution, it allows you to implement granular security policy based on user accounts and app lists.


  • Granular security policy based on such terms as “User,” “App,” “allow/block”
  • Ensures secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in full compliance with enterprise security policies
  • Detects and blocks over 2,000 application protocols and apps: games, social networks, torrent, and others
    • Reduces Internet traffic costs
    • Reduces the attack surface
  • The built-in Intrusion Prevention System, IPS, to detect and eliminate network intrusions

  • Firewall Protection Systems at the application layer (Deep Packet Inspection, DPI)
    Detects and blocks over 2,000 application protocols and apps including:
    • Games
    • Social networks 
    • Instant message services
    • Video streaming
    • P2P services, Torrent
    • File hosting
    • Tunneling, VPN
    • Remote control
    • Industrial protocols

  • Firewall
    • Stateful firewall
    • Network addresses translation (NAT/PAT)
    • Protection against spoofing

  • Network Features
    • Well developed static routing
    • Dynamic routing
    • VLAN (dot1q) support
    • Channel bonding (LACP, EtherChannel)
    • QoS, ToS, DiffServ support

  • Integrated Services
    • DNS server
    • NTP server
    • DHCP server
    • DHCP relay

    • Failover cluster
    • UPS support

  • Integration with directories
    • Microsoft AD
    • Captive Portal with LDAP directory

  • Proxy Server
    • Support for HTTP protocol
    • Traffic control and filtering by a file’s MIME type and HTTP request method
    • Traffic scanning by third party antivirus over ICAP

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
    • Signature analysis of network traffic
    • Heuristic analysis of network traffic
    • Infotecs experts maintain a daily rule database with up-to-date threat details.
As soon as an intrusion is detected (an IPS rule is triggered), an IP packet can be handled as follows:
    • Blocked by the firewall of ViPNet xFirewall.
    • Allowed for further processing. In this case, a warning is displayed.