Modular, Scalable, and Cost Efficient Security

ViPNet solutions cover various areas of business requirements, such as network & endpoint protection, software-defined VPN & next-generation firewall, as well as mobile voice & data protection, virtual appliance protection, intrusion detection & prevention, threat intelligence, and event monitoring.

IT security solutions by Infotecs can be seamlessly integrated into existing networks and easily implemented either as individual security modules (for example, in mobile communications) or as a comprehensive network infrastructure solution. With our ViPNet technology, our clients can integrate their legacy systems into their security plans quickly, efficiently, and with no downtime.

To prevent complex and increasingly developing cyber threats, we provide businesses with extensive protection of their heterogeneous networks. Infotecs offers secure network connections over both public and local networks for mobile end devices and over industrial networks that include controllers, sensors, SCADA and HMI (Human Machine Interfaces). We also provide security for IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Combining our various security solutions, such as threat management monitoring tools, we deliver our clients a comprehensive portfolio of software defined security products to protect them against the next generation of cyber attacks.

Infotecs sescurity platform diagram