With expanding networks and increasing automation, critical infrastructure has become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Attacks on critical infrastructure are particularly worrying because they can lead to severe consequences for communities, economy, society, and governments. Successful attacks can result in shortages of water, energy, food, health services, or transport and communications.

Many governments have woken up to the fact that their critical infrastructure is at risk and have issued warnings and policies to encourage these organizations to adopt improved cyber security measures and systems.

ViPNet for Critical Infrastructure

Infotecs helps improve the security of control systems in all sectors of critical infrastructure through providing secure access to sensitive control systems. The solution encrypts industrial data and protects it from interception by unauthorized users. ViPNet for Critical Infrastructure is cost-effective and easy to implement. It integrates seamlessly into the existing network infrastructure and works in harsh environments.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Secure remote access to sensitive network areas, e.g. industrial control systems
  • Comprehensive solution for interconnected industrial gateways, supports integration of legacy systems
  • Functions in harsh conditions (dust, oil, water, wind, extremely high or low temperature etc.)
  • Complete solution for all levels of the SCADA pyramid
  • Role based authentication and access control
  • VPN, next-generation firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS)
  • Supports network segmentation
  • Defense-in-Depth principle
  • Compliant with major industrial regulations