Attacks against Corporate IT Infrastructure

New security incidents in IT networks appear in the news almost daily. In most cases, the reason is either insufficient or a complete absence of monitoring of the existing IT infrastructure. Affected businesses often have no idea that their digital infrastructure has been compromised.

Today, most companies are exposed to a wide range of cyber threats. Loss of client and financial data, as well as data protection violations, play a special role here. Often this happens due to unauthorized access to sensitive data, ransomware, and account swapping.

Acting Legally

Some businesses are obliged by the legislation to inform competent authorities about IT security incidents. In these cases a cyberattack recognition solution using the latest technology must be an integral component of any IT infrastructure to guarantee that businesses comply with existing legislation to the full extent.

According to the “Cost of a Data Breach” study by Ponemon Institute, 2017, businesses need 191 days on average to discover an IT security incident. Taking into account the amount of data misuse that hackers can commit, this is a shockingly long time.

ViPNet Technology for IT Infrastructure Monitoring

ViPNet Threat Detection & Response enables immediate recognition of existing and potential security breaches, and then implements the requrired responses to acute threats. This solution registers all the relevant events in the network and on the endpoints ensuring intruders are recognized at once.

Our solution involves complementary technologies and combines a classical approach to signature threat detection with innovative machine-learning methods. Suspicious incidents and anomalies are detected both at the network layer and on the endpoints. Existing risks are detected in real time, significantly reducing the threats of unauthorized use of your IT infrastructure.

Find out more about the solution in our ViPNet Threat Detection & Response flyer.

Advantages of ViPNet Threat Detection & Response:

  • 24/7 monitoring and immediate notification of responsible employees
  • Fast deployment and integration of ViPNet Threat Detection & Response into existing IT infrastructure
  • Flexibile operational models, either   using a company's existing resources or an outsourced full service model
  • Reduce financial costs for protecting your network by realizing a quick return on investment
  • Support for technical issues, consultations, damage control and training programs for employees and partners
  • Flexible pricing models with customization options available based on your specific requirements

ViPNet Intrusion Detection Management Center (IDS MC) is the management component of our solution.


Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Host Sensors monitor and register all security relevant events and send this data to the analytical system.


The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Network Sensors monitor and register all security relevant events and send this data to the analytical system.


ViPNet Threat Intelligence & Analytics System (TIAS) collects events recorded by the sensors, processes them, and saves analysis results to a database.