Security Challenges in Transportation and Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Today, logistics supply chain attacks are more and more common causing significant losses for businesses. The quality of service in the transport and logistics business means not only delivering goods efficiently and at a low cost, but providing the security of the transported goods is of the utmost importance. The right product should arrive to the intended recipient in the right amount and with all quality intact. When it comes to data confidentiality, it is often necessary that only authorized staff know the recipient or the type of delivered goods. This is why transport and logistics service providers mark their goods with unique IDs and labels.

Research shows that the number of IT security incidents in shipping companies, storage services, transport businesses and operators has been growing significantly. Cyber criminals can easily get access to transportation and delivery control systems via the Internet. Attackers can specifically search for expensive goods and change recipients’ data. The sender rarely notices anything has occurred and becomes aware of the theft only after a customer complains. This type of incident is especially common with the transportation of high value assets.

With the ViPNet Security & Threat Intelligence Platform, we can improve the security of transportation of any type of goods offering you a solution to ensure that your goods are delivered securely using unique unforgeable codes.